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Charity Outreach Projects

Christianity fundamentally encompasses two inseparable realities: love of God and neighbor. As St. Augustine once stated, “Christianity without charity is false Christianity.” Our Lord Jesus Christ modeled the harmony of this two-pronged love in his preaching and works. Consequently, an essential component of Christian formation is the development of sensitivity and assistance to the needs of others, especially the poor. To help students mature in Christian living, Epiphany Catholic School provides them with charity outreach projects aimed at assisting the needy which they can participate in. Below are the principal charity outreach projects our school coordinates.

Feeding of the Homeless

In partnership with Camillus House, our school conducts a monthly food drop off aimed at feeding local homeless. Students are encouraged to make sandwiches or casseroles as specified, at home or after school, and bring them to a drop off point on campus. The food items are then picked up by Camillus House volunteers who transport them to their facilities where they are distributed to the homeless.

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Outreach to the Poor

In partnership with the community of St. Martin de Porres Catholic Church, situated in a poor area of southern Miami-Dade County, Epiphany Catholic School conducts various needed item drop offs throughout the school year aimed at assisting financially struggling families. An annual Thanksgiving food drive is coordinated prior to the holiday, for which students bring purchased supermarket gift cards which are collected, delivered and distributed to parish families in order for them to have a dignified holiday meal. In December, an annual Christmas Toy Drive is carried out in similar fashion. Moreover, during the season of Lent, an annual drive of needed clothing items for which students bring in specified articles of wear is likewise conducted.

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