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Who We Are

The mission of Epiphany Catholic School is centered on the Eucharist, aimed at academic excellence, and focused on outreach through service. Inspired by the Magi following the star toward Jesus, we educate our diverse learners to think critically, work collaboratively, and act globally.



Statement From The Pastor

Rev. José Alvarez, Pastor

Rev. José Alvarez headshot

Education matters. It is foundational to a person and society. Deficiency in education results in underdeveloped individuals and communities while outstanding schooling yields those that thrive. Consequently, where and how a child is to be educated is one of the most important and difficult decisions a parent must make.  

Here at Epiphany, we are blessed to undertake the formation of the students entrusted to us. It is a great gift and responsibility. It is one we have taken seriously, embraced joyfully and carried out with great commitment since our founding in 1953.

As a Catholic school we believe that since God is the author of life, and the formation of a child exists to help him or her understand and manage life, education must be viewed and carried out through the prism of faith. Since faith reveals all that life and the human person are meant to be, education must be expansive and well-rounded in its approach. Schooling therefore involves more than the study and integration of subjects, it involves the study and integration of the experience of life.

Consequently, guided by the broad tenets of our Catholic faith, at Epiphany we strive to form our students intellectually, spiritually, interactively and humanly. Mastering academics, a loving relationship with God and neighbor, collaborative and contributive skills, and self-management and discovery of passions and talents is foundational to our educational approach.

As such, like our Lord who delights in showing us the broad dimensions of life and within ourselves, we delight in our task of guiding children and families to discovering the same. It is a great privilege for which we are grateful. It matters significantly!

Statement From The Principal

Ms. Ana Oliva, Principal

Ms. Ana Oliva-Rackley headshot

Epiphany Catholic School offers a well-rounded education for our students. I noticed this since I started teaching at ECS many years ago. I observed the high level of commitment that the faculty and staff devoted to the students in all aspects of school life. This work ethic and devotion was perpetuated throughout my years of teaching and is my compass as the Principal.

While teaching was very rewarding and enjoyable as it provided participation in my students’ educational journey, as the Principal, it is a privilege to be exposed to a wider range of students, parents, teachers and school personnel. It is a joy to be able to guide all in their respective roles in the formation of our students. 

I am confident that the foundations in education we provide for our students will effectively prepare them for their journey throughout high school and beyond. Especially, the palpable faith base that is nurtured throughout all grades at ECS, will serve our students well in the course of their life.

It has been a true blessing to be a part of this community for over 25 years. Serving the school community has been both a privilege and an honor.

“The place God calls you to be is the place where your deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger meet.” – Frederick Buechner