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Masses & Confessions

Sunday Mass Participation

Since Sunday Mass worship is deemed a vital component and obligation in the life of every Catholic, each family registered at Epiphany Catholic School is expected to attend Mass every Sunday. Our Catholic faith identifies the family as the domestic Church and consequently, by Sunday Mass participation, parents fulfill an essential function of their baptismal duty as primary educators of their children in the faith and become key collaborators of the school’s spiritual formation program. Failure to establish consistency of this practice renders the spiritual formation of students incomplete.

School Masses

Students at Epiphany Catholic School routinely attend Mass on a weekly basis while at school.  School Masses typically take place on Fridays and always on Holy Days of Obligation which fall on school days. The weekly school Masses are not meant to substitute the Sunday Mass obligation, but to compliment it as an important habit in the development of spiritual maturity.

School Confessions

Students at Epiphany Catholic School are availed the opportunity to frequent the sacrament of Reconciliation while at school at least twice a year, once during Advent and Lent. Students preparing for First Communion and Confirmation are also enabled this sacrament in preparation for those important celebrations. Additionally, students and their families are also encouraged to sensibly embrace this sacrament as needed outside of school hours throughout the year.

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First Day of School


School begins for all students at 7:40am

Late bell is at 7:45am

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